I’m just going back and porting my blog posts from 2013 over and man, this was a funny year.

Existential panic had set in. I knew I wanted to do something with my life, but I was throwing darts into the mist trying to find what that something was. In the previous year, app development didn’t stick, and drawing pictures didn’t stick. In 2013 it was trying to make it as a YouTuber, and authoring a videogame review/niche website. Needless to say, that didn’t stick in the long run.

Evidence of my directionless approach to finding my calling in life is right here. I knew I was wasting my life. I didn’t know how to find purpose.

Another interesting bit here, about getting in contact with all the people I’d ever hurt. An early example of the reaching out part of shadow-work I knew I had to undergo to save myself.

More frustration here:

I need to draw up a schedule, and to cut out all the stupid virtual grinding, and get grinding in real-life. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I stopped smoking in 2013, which was undoubtedly good, but I also put on a lot of weight in 2013. That was bad. See the timeline here.

I love this quote from a book review I wrote in 2013:

Evaluating and defining oneself as an artist requires honest and deep introspection with an on-going commitment to the process of staying true to the soul of ones work.

This could be transferred to any walk of life I think.

The 600th post spectacular was quite eye-opening too. A little bit of shadow-work before I knew what shadow-work was.

Oh, and in this post I explain how Microsoft sent me a code for all the characters in Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. Small problem: at that time I didn’t have an Xbox One. I do own an Xbox One now, but the code is still sitting in my inbox…


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