Iain Douglas Stewart

Iain Douglas Stewart


Simply trying to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.


To an incredible four year old boy that is an absolute force of nature.


On a mission to make the world a better place, one person at a time.


To a wonderful woman that is complimentary to me and my mission.

What’s the score?

Hi! My name’s Iain, and my purpose is to help you become the best version of you that you can be. And in parallel to that, I’m trying to become the best version of me, too. To learn more about me, my bio would be a good place to start.

When I first started writing a blog back in 2005 I had no idea I’d still be writing it now. I thought it’d be a short-lived thing. I wouldn’t stick to it. That would be the kind of thing I do.

But here we are, thirteen years later.

This website is a collection of posts from all the various other blogs I’ve had over the years, and it is the central hub of my personal brand, with various spokes leading off in other directions towards my other interests and ideas.

My future aspirations are to be some kind of counsellor or life-coach. With that in mind, if people who need help find me through this blog, read some of the early posts and see that I have been in similar situations to them with regards to my mental health, they will see that I survived. And then if they see that I can help them get out too?

That’s the goal.

Admittedly, I’m still a long way from where I want to be and very much still a work-in-progress, but I invite you to join me on my never-ending journey of personal mastery, and my quest to help people become the best that they can be.

You never know. Maybe I could help you.

To find out more about where I’m currently at, click here.


What is free-writing? You simply write the first thing that comes into your head for a set amount of time on a pre-determined word. Try it yourself or take a look at mine.







Qualifications coursework

Below you will find the eight latest pieces of coursework that I have written for my qualifications.

L3CiCS You as a Counsellor Assignment

I am training to become a counsellor because I want to help people. Throughout my life I have struggled with a lot of various types...
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L3CiCS Comparing Counselling Theories Assignment

The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast two counselling theories of my choice. I have chosen to compare Psychodynamic Counselling and Cognitive...
Read More "L3CiCS Comparing Counselling Theories Assignment"

L3CiCS Counselling Theory and Self-Awareness Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to show how learning about counselling theory and applying it to your own life can promote and increase self-awareness,...
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L3CiCS Reflective Diary – 25th June 2020

So that’s that then. Last night I got an email from the college saying that our internal and external assessments have been submitted to the...
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L3CiCS Learning Log – 12th June 2020

This week we are looking at Assessment in counselling, and how it informs the counselling work. In counselling, assessment is the process used to determine...
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L3CiCS Reflective Diary – 5th June 2020

I think if we were to devise mock ethical policy and procedure to ensure fair and safe practise for a hypothetical agency then we’d not...
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L3CiCS Learning Log – 5th June 2020

This week we are describing the ethical, legal and procedural framework in which an agency operates. I have chosen to explore Off The Record’s ethical...
Read More "L3CiCS Learning Log – 5th June 2020"

L3CiCS Reflective Diary – 29th May 2020

This week we are looking at limits of proficiency, and my reflections on them. There are many ethical considerations to take into account when considering...
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Theory test passed again

So I had to retake my theory test simply because the pandemic had caused too much time to lapse. I casually remembered that I had booked it the night before the test, mild panic set in, and I quickly took three or four mock tests on the theory test app. …

I own a car

So this is one of the final steps in my last action plan – buying a car. All that’s left to do on the old plan is pass tests and become legally able to drive the car I’ve just bought. The new plan is more about consolidating things, and streamlining …

The Mission – updated

So I had a look at my old plans and it was glaringly obvious why I was drifting, rudderless. Apart from learning to drive and buying a car, and taking the next step in my counselling journey, I’d ticked off everything that was possible to tick off. And even then, …

Rangers are champions!

Well, I knew it would happen eventually. I last wrote about football here: https://iaindstewart.net/blog/2012/08/17/football/, and in that post I explained how Rangers got demoted from the top league in Scottish football to the lowest league because of financial irregularities, but that I was confident they would make it back to …

Four years on. History is not over, things change.

Bit of a rambling one, this. Four years ago I had a mental breakdown and I walked off into the night with the intention of killing myself. I didn’t do it, obviously, I changed my mind. I turned away from the void. Vowed to change. To become someone I’d always …

Minecraft: Real life vs simulations

This post started off as a piece on how Minecraft evokes primal instincts in a person, but the more I wrote, the more it evolved. Have a read. You’ll see. Survive the night. Is there a more evocative phrase? When you start a new Minecraft world in survival mode, that …

Saying you’ve levelled up on your birthday is cringe

It’s my birthday today, and after receiving the card pictured, it struck me how cringe it is to say that you’ve “levelled up” on your birthday. Looking back on some of my previous birthday posts… I noticed that I’ve used the phrase once or twice myself. I get that it’s …

If your grandfather was here today, would you be able to look him in the eye?

Men: Are you proud of your behavior? If your grandfather was here today, would you be able to look him in the eye? Are you a man of the world, caving to whatever temptation it puts under your nose? Or do you want to be uncommon, a great man? Do …

Taking another year off

I’m finding myself in that situation again this academic year, mainly thanks to coronavirus this time around rather than financial worries. But this time, I can see it coming, and I won’t lose focus. I won’t waste this year. I’ve got things I need to do to be ready for …