Iain Douglas Stewart

About me and this site

Hi! My name’s Iain Douglas Stewart, and this website is the bit of internet that I consider my home base.

Why am I here?

My purpose is to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

And in parallel to that, I’m trying to become the best version of myself too. I’m currently training to be a counsellor so I can be a guiding light for people going through their dark times.

I finished An Introduction to Counselling Skills (level 2) in 2017/18, and this year I am studying two courses: One of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the other Meditation and Mindfulness.

The reasons I did not carry on to do a level 3 course in Counselling this academic year were merely logistical – I fully intend to pick it back up in September 2019.

I wish to raise awareness of mental health, and encourage people to learn mental fortitude through mindset recalibration, along with meditation and mindfulness techniques.

I believe that depression, anxiety and suicide are symptoms of mental illness, and that the human brain is immensely powerful and receptive to change, and these things can be overcome.

This is not my only path. I feel that I do have another calling:

Modern masculinity is in crisis.

Most modern men don’t know how to be men. They physically grow up but remain boy-like and immature, or develop into corrupt and twisted versions of masculine archetypes. I’m not sure how I need to help with this yet, but I am slowly finding my feet.

I do know that I am passionate about empowering both men and boys, and supporting them through their trials. I want to share my personal insights on learning to sublimate anger and aggression into something more positive and productive, the adolescent transition from boy to young adult, and the arduous journey through the mid-life.

Just because I’m pro-men in this arena doesn’t mean that I am anti-women. Far from it. Our brains function in different ways, and socially we are different creatures.

I simply feel that as a man, I can’t guide a woman on being a woman.

To be honest, it’s still early days and the more I learn, the more I will bring to the table in the future. I may branch out and help a wider variety of people one day. I would like that.

My hobbies and outside interests.

I enjoy reading, especially psychology and philosophy. Theology and epistemology are fascinating, and I also enjoy investigating the esoteric.

I go to the gym once a week (I should really go twice, let’s be honest), and I enjoy long walks which don’t necessarily have to be along a beach. Trying to keep up with my son also keeps me physically active.

My Wife and I enjoy playing co-operative videogames from time to time. Not too much though, you understand, we are responsible consumers.

One hobby I don’t get to do enough is drawing; I enjoy sketching people and things in natural settings, and I like the meditative qualities of crafting mandalas and Zentangles.

This website is the central hub of everything I do online.

It outlines all the services I (will, in time) offer, the projects I oversee, and the things I am into.

I use it as a public record of my learning – proof of my hunger for continued professional development in counselling, psychotherapy and several related fields.

I also use it as an outlet for writing therapy which I feel helps me organise my mind and allows me to gain a deeper comprehension of my own personal mysteries.

It’s a place I like to share essays or stories, promote things I’ve personally created or show support for things that my friends, peers and colleagues have produced.

I really enjoy delving deeper into some of the smaller ideas that I have tweeted. It gives a bit of extra insight into my mind, with a candid, behind-the-scenes feel.

It is somewhere I can generally air my thoughts, log my activities, and keep anyone who is interested updated on what’s going on in my life.

The older posts from 2016 and earlier could have been written by a different person – sometimes it feels like they were.

My mindset has changed dramatically since then and while they may no longer truly reflect who I am, I think it allows any potential clients to get to know me, see what I’ve been through, and understand that I am human, after all.