The various *Fests we had were great, really good times were had by all there. RF has been a highlight of my life, for sure.

I’m just going to list some links now, of some memorable posts.

This was a nice one of Gizmo: He’s settled in nicely

This one was tough to read: Spying on people via Facebook

Conversely, this one was really nice: I once found a cheat code for Hero Quest on the Spectrum

I’m surprised this one didn’t generate more traffic to be honest: Coventry sex window

It was a bit quiet for a couple of years, nothing really of note… And then I found this one, which still haunts me: Wedding plans getting really real

The idea of what grown-ups should be like was formed by my child-self many years ago, so maybe I do feel like a grown-up, just not what I thought a grown-up should feel like being when I was a child.

That statement still really resonates with me.

Three weeks of freedom: This was quite funny – after three weeks of not smoking I was having dreams about smoking and feeling like a failure. That was four years ago now? I’ve had one or two since, the first one gave me that familiar rush but tasted absolutely horrid, and while the rush had dampened on the second one, the taste was still disgusting. By the time I lit up the third one I smoked half of it and threw it (and the rest of the packet of twenty) away. I barely notice smoking dreams now, they do not bother me.

This one was good too: Disney Skylanders

If I were Disney, I would’ve brought out some more of the big guns. I’m talking classic Disney franchises. Mowgli, Baloo and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book. Pinocchio. Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Dorothy and the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. And why on Earth is Wreck-It Ralph, a fictional videogame character from a Disney film, not in a videogame set in the world of Disney films? How about something as leftfield as Tron? How about the obvious one like Donald, Goofy, or even Mickey himself? And what about the future? Would it be too far-fetched to expect Star Wars or Marvel characters to be included in here at some point?

Called it 8)

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