So ready for Flipper to appear now. I just can’t wait to meet the little guy/gal – and I can’t wait for Jane to be able to rest properly again. It’s not that she’s been miserable or grumpy because of the baby cramping her style – I just feel it’s been long enough now, she deserves her body back. Two weeks to go, if Flipper decides to go full-term. Can’t wait!

What’s been happening around the RF! network? Well, Sonic 2 has reached Part 5 and Jolly Co-Operation in Dark Souls has reached Part 8. The VGMRotW is a Loco-Roco/Hawaii Five-O mash-up, and the RGF is a funny little thing called I Saw Her Across The World.

As a YouTube-related thing, I’m wrestling with how to explain swear-words to Lewis. I was editing a video we recorded a while back, and he said “crap”. I immediately said that he shouldn’t use words like that – I consider “crap” to be a swear-word – and I also consider my YouTube gaming channel to be family friendly (my personal YouTube channel, not so much), so I did tell him that I would edit it out. He came to me a couple of days later and told me that he’d asked his Mum if he was allowed to say “crap” and she said that yes, he was indeed allowed to say “crap” – I was going to talk about this then, but I forgot and editing the video has just reminded me. I know it’s a word his mother uses a lot, so it’s only fitting that it’s passed on to him. The thing is, and this is probably how I will explain it to him, is that anyone can say whatever words they want to say, but they have to be mindful of the company they say those words in, because the words they choose to say reflect upon their character. You don’t use a causal cuss in a job interview, but turning the air blue in your bedroom with your friend round while playing FIFA is fine. You should also be aware of your location too – shouting and swearing is commonplace at a football match, not so much at a funeral. It’s not about being “grown-up” and swearing all the time because you’re all old and mature, it’s about knowing where and when it is acceptable to use these words – the less they are used the better to be frank, as that allows them to retain their effectiveness. Actually, it is more grown-up to not use swear-words – it’s great to have the verbosity to explain how you feel or what you think without resorting to an f-bomb.

Anyway, I will be editing the word out. He’s free to say whatever he likes in the company of his friends or on his own YouTube channel, but in a video on my channel, which I intend to be grown-up in the sense that it doesn’t require swear-words to describe itself or any of the actions depicted in it, I will exercise my right to stop him saying words like that. Which is fair, right? I would show him this Vsauce video, but I don’t think he has the patience to sit through it or the desire to understand it.

I’ve spent far longer on this post than I had intended – I blame my inability to stay focused.


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