Four years on. History is not over, things change.

Four years on. History is not over, things change.

Bit of a rambling one, this.

Four years ago I had a mental breakdown and I walked off into the night with the intention of killing myself.

I didn’t do it, obviously, I changed my mind.

I turned away from the void.

Vowed to change.

To become someone I’d always wanted to be. That’s the only thing we really have control over.

I never had the courage until I faced the void and realised it was change or death.

I thought I would have to remain the same forever.

I didn’t think things could change, especially not me.

I have changed in these past four years.

I’ve become stronger, mentally.




See, things haven’t necessarily become better, or easier for me.

That’s not something you should want. You don’t want things to just get eaiser.

You should realise that you need to handle things better.

Become stronger to better handle those dangerous situations.

The only thing you can truly change, is yourself.

And only then will your reality change around you.

As I get older I realise the transitory nature of things.

Being alive over a longer period of time has enabled me to witness such change.

Things change.

Things will change.

The world as we know it now is not the final version.

Our western civilisation is not infallible.

The countries of this world are not going to remain the same forever.

Some have ambition and are spreading their wings.

Some desire power and are looking to conquer.

Too many people are taking our current situation for granted. They think these “good times” will last forever.

The Covid situation has clarified this for me, as it accelerated some plans.

For example, I was watching the decay of the high street retail scene for years. I was saying we were sleep-walking into disaster.

Online retailers are booming in this environment. Bricks and mortar is crumbling.

Online retailers are then buying the reputations of those brick and mortar retailers.

But what of those of us that liked to go shopping in real shops? Soon there will be none left.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not simply upset that “shops” are dying, as it’s not just “shops” that are dying.

I’m upset that cultural norms are being eroded. The cultural norms that created these “good times” are being eroded.

The bricks and mortar of western civilisation is crumbling before our eyes. Sold off to the highest bidder.

Those in government that were elected to run the country are the worst. Selling off everything they can to foreign powers.

How long until we British no longer own Britain?

We should be looking to ourselves for prosperity. Creating value in ourselves.

Like I did when I realised I was on a path to nowhere.

Not simply being greedy and making more and more money by selling off everything that made this country great.

It honestly feels like the world is being inverted. Good is becoming evil, up is becoming down, dishonesty is prevailing over honesty.

Fire and brimstone? Rivers and seas boiling? Climate change.

Human sacrifice? Dogs and cats living together? Well, look at some ideologies that are being pushed nowadays.

Is it biblical yet? I digress.

See, over the past few years I’ve come to realise that the best way to use these “good times” is to prepare for the “bad times”.

I must save myself and my family, my legacy. Then I can use my skills to save my countrymen, and in turn, my nation.

I can’t save the entire world, only the world of one man. And often, that is enough.

It has a ripple effect.

That one man lives and does good deeds, those good deeds ripple outwards. Inspires others to do good deeds.

We need more good men doing good deeds.

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