Hey. My old blog, Waves, is gone. Here are the old “About Me” pages.

They are no longer relevant to me, my mission or my desires.

Hey, that’s me. Also known as “toxic rf” in relation to videogames, and “eyess” in relation to drawing pictures.

To a lovely lady who keeps me from getting complacent.

Of Random Fury. Kind of. Or would “creator” be more apt?

Debatable. My creativity is here. I hope to make a living from creating things in the future.

Of sorts. I like to write about videogames, music, books and films that I experience.

I like shooting aliens with lasers. Also: No longer a slave to the Gamerscore.

A proper one, not one of these modern geeks who are clueless about the culture but embrace it to look “not cool”.

Reformed Perfectionist
Things used to have to be clean, organised, just-so. Sometimes perfection comes from chaos. It is in the eye of the beholder.

While you go about the videogame of your life, I sell you your “Health Restoration Jelly Babies” and your “Holy DVD Of Entertainment+2”

I felt the need to change the page title, tag-line and “About Me” page as things have changed significantly, both in life and in my head. While I am still a slave in the retail machine, my outlook on it has changed, mostly due to picking up a pencil again. I will not stand by and waste what little talent I may have in a dead-end job. I want more.

Even the largest of waves start with a ripple.

Ugh, I actually referred to myself as an NPC. No wonder I felt like an automaton.

And now, here follows the old “About Me” page, circa 2010-ish.

This one is really old and highlights a lot of the issues I had with myself at the time.

Oh, hi.

My name is Iain Stewart, known widely on the internet as “toxic”, co-founder of Random Fury! (The Halo and General Online Gaming Clan ranked 157th in the UK) and this is my blog, Waves.

Why is the blog called Waves?

When I first wrote this introduction I wasn’t really too sure how deep to go as I wrote it before there were any entries in the blog. I figured that all would be revealed in time, but looking back now, there are a few things that needed clarification, such as our living arrangements, and who all these people I write about are.

My other half is called Jane and I love her quite a lot. She’s great. We’ve been together for over ten years now and we are getting married in November. We recently moved into a big house in Waterlooville, which we (well, I say “we”, it’s more “Jane”) own a third of. Who owns the other two-thirds? Jane’s Mum and Dad (Myrtle and Colin, affectionately known as Nanna and Pops for the kid’s sake) own another third, and Jane’s sister, Claire, and her husband Matt own the last third. Claire and Matt’s two boys (Lewis and Ethan) also live here. Paul, Jane’s brother, does not live with us, but he does pop around sometimes. Back in Southampton we have my Mum, my brother David and his wife Katie. They are the proud parents of my adorable little niece, Jasmine, and my bruiser of a nephew, Otis.

Why do I feel the need to write a blog? Well, when I first started it, I was suffering from depression and my therapist said that keeping a diary or journal would help. It started like that, but now I like to use it to reflect on any media I consume, from books to videogames to films. It also helps me to vent, as living here is not always roses. I used to write a blog over at Poopgang (R.I.P.) which I enjoyed a lot, and I have brought over all those old entries and retrofitted them into this WordPress installation. Overall, I’d say the best way to find out about me would be to read some posts I’ve made on here. Go do that.

I used to have a pretty regular routine for posting stuff on here, but that was back when I was unemployed. Every Tuesday was LOL day, where I’d pop over to icanhascheezburger or one of it’s affiliate sites and choose my favourite LOL of the previous seven days. I don’t do that anymore since they took the hot-link out, and it got a bit tedious. I used to do a recap of the past weeks events every Sunday, but I don’t do them now because I work on Sunday, and it was getting a bit too bitchy. As I said, living with your in-laws is not ideal. If you are so inclined, you can find them with the Sunday Service tag.

I used to post a fair bit about Phantasy Star Universe, I really enjoyed that game. Sega gave up on it, so I gave up on it too. I absolutely love the Halo games. I did a screenshot of the week for Halo: Reach every week for a while. As I said earlier, nowadays I tend to post my thoughts on what I’ve been playing, listening to, reading or watching.

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