About the old me

Hey. My old blog, Waves, is gone. Here are the old “About Me” pages.

They are no longer relevant to me, my mission or my desires.


Karen Gillan is a popular search term then

Thanks crazy barefooted guy from this post! You secured me a couple of foot fetish “barefoot” searches. It was also pretty fortuitous that I smoke, as the word “cigarette” secured me some fag fetish clicks. I must also thank the guy or gal who clicked through because of the “lol …

Xbox 360 dashboard – Versatile but messy

You may have heard that the Xbox 360 has recently had lots of Web 2.0 functionality added. My initial reaction to it all is that the dashboard is so cluttered now! My Community, separate Music and Video Marketplaces (why would anyone want to download music videos to their 360 when …