Flippedy-flip-flop is doing well – getting much bigger much more quickly now. Jane said they’ll be putting on a pound a week from here on out. Crazy.

I was moving some shelves around at work on Wednesday, giant glass ones at that, and I was moving one from one cabinet to the other and as I was lifting it, it just shattered in my hands. That was exciting.

RGF this week is a Rogue-like called Red Rogue. It’s good. You should play it. I’ve also started a new series that crosses from the main site into YouTube and back again called Videogame Music Remix of the Week (VGMRotW). It’s not exactly catchy, but I don’t care about catchy. Check out the first featured remix: Final Boss Eden. On the YouTubes this week there is another Sonic episode and another Jolly Co-Operation episode.


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