I’m just sitting here on a sunny Saturday afternoon, at the PC with a green tea and a couple of biscuits, editing the next series of Sonic games (Sonic 2, for those of you who care), thinking to myself that I’ve not really written anything that wasn’t a Friday update on here in a while. I started doing Friday updates because if I knew that I had to write something once a week, then I would – so I would often slip into the habit of not writing anything for a while then all of a sudden have two or three things published in quick succession. While on the one hand it’s good to have a constant stream of content, on the other hand it does kind of ruin the spontaneity sometimes. Well thinking about it, it doesn’t really, because if anything major comes up then I tend to write about that in addition to the Friday update.

I’ve been at the PC almost all day – Jane is upstairs with a headache so I can’t get to the Xbox – but then again, Claire and the boys are out all day so I thought I’d make the most of being able to sit here all day. Where I share my PC space with the “Lego room”, it can be quite tough getting anything done down here during the day what with all the noise and such. I’ve edited four or five episodes of the aforementioned Sonic The Hedgehog 2 play-through, and have researched new skins for the phpBB forum and also looked at around three-hundred fonts, trying to decide which to use in the RFTV channel’s refresh. The one I’m using right now is just a little bit too generic, and the idea is to use it on the thumbnails and throughout the intro/outro on the videos so that there’s a common thread going through everything, and along with a new refreshed logo, it could help the channel stand out.

I’m sure someone out there is thinking “Why is he indoors instead of being out in the sunshine on such a lovely day?” – well, there’s no point. I burn easily, and besides, I’m being super-productive in here.


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