So, you may or may not have read this post, in which I recount my experiences of Lewis playing Minecraft. Things have changed now, almost wholesale. He no longer pretends to play on Survival while actually playing Creative. As he tends to play alongside Ethan nowadays, they play together on Creative. I have since found out that some of these guys on YouTube who make impressive things in Minecraft are actually teams of people, and they can use extensive modding and non-standard world manipulation tools on some of the larger or more extravagant builds. I no longer view Creative as a waste of time, though. It can be fun just making stuff. I’m glad Lewis doesn’t insist he’s not playing Creative when he actually is. We both found out just how difficult Survival mode actually is in out n00b 2 pr0 video series we put on YouTube earlier in the year. To be fair, we’re moving on to Creative mode in our next series.

What do I prefer? I don’t know, it’s a tough balance. Creative is just too easy to be a traditional videogame challenge but it does let you feel like you’re making more than just a house on top of a hill, whereas Survival can be too arduous and random at times and the houses you make may not be made out of solid gold blocks, but you do feel like a true professional once you’ve weathered a few storms, built a nice sturdy home and unlocked all the Achievements.

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