We’ve got the 20 week ultrasound on Monday, I’m super excited for that. We’ve decided that we’re not going to find out if Flipper is a boy or a girl until they are born – it’s going to be an awesome surprise! I mean, I know it could only be one of two options, but still, it’s gonna be a surprise. It may be a bit of a pain right now, I mean, we have no idea whether to buy pink stuff or blue stuff – but we will probably save a bit of money that way by not splurging on things now. We have got a few nice bright bits and pieces, and Mum has got a whole box full of stuff too, including a super cute lamb outfit! Can’t wait to dress the little one up.

On rf.co.uk the RGF this week is Night Lights. I’m currently splitting up the old “Currently playing” thread on the forum – it’s great fun looking back and seeing what we all used to play. It, along with another reason, has spurred me on to, ahem, acquire, a bunch of ROMs for the SNES and Megadrive for use on my PSP. I never sold it in the end – I tried to sell it on eBay but the sale got blocked because I mentioned it had a custom firmware on there, so I still have it, and I’m quite glad I do. I’ll tell you something else about the “Currently playing” thread while I’m here: It has made me a little sad that I got rid of all my old games. Like, the GameCube, PS2 and Dreamcast ones. I would’ve loved to have gone back and played them again, maybe even done some commentaries as well, that would’ve been cool. But ah well. I couldn’t really bring it all with me when we moved over here, and what’s done is done.

Speaking of videos, we done a Halo World Tour episode, a Dark Souls episode, and a special mini-episode of Dark Souls, which I think would be better explained if you watched it yourself:

Next week should spell the end of the Minecraft video series as I’ve located some saddles!

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