I’m changing “Ramblings” to “Reflections”. It’s not often I make changes or additions to the structure of the blog, but this seems right. Language is fascinating, and this is an example of how the language you choose to use defines you.

You see, “Ramblings” gives the impression of me waffling on about nothing in particular. This is not something I consider contributes positively to my Mission. “Reflections”, on the other hand, suggests a deep introspection or analysis.

I feel the new category title conjures forth an image of me walking around an abstraction in three dimensions and considering it from all angles, while contemplating its place in relation to both the past and the present. Ramblings just means I was waffling on about nothing in particular.

It was my recent post about my first driving lesson that prompted this change. I wasn’t really rambling on about the lesson, I was reflecting on how it went. I had a quick look at other posts in the category and decided that they would indeed be better described as “Reflections” rather than “Ramblings”. And so it was.

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