This week we took a mock version of the external assessment.

In this assessment, we are to watch a DVD in which two actors play out a short scene involving counselling skills. We were each given a series of questions asking us about the scene. We read through the questions and then watched the scene. While the scene was playing, we made notes. We were then given 25 minutes to write out some rough answers, and then the DVD was played again. We were then given another 30 minutes to complete our answers.

I thought the scene was reasonably well acted, and conveyed the atmosphere of a pseudo-counselling session very well. The young lad had a great grasp of basic counselling skills, and the young lady was good at acting suitably upset.

It has been a long time since I have done any kind of timed assessment or exam, so I was a little nervous to begin with, maybe trying too hard to copy down everything relevant to a question exactly as the young man said it. I remembered that we were going to watch the scene again, so made a little note to try and catch what he said on the second viewing so I could concentrate on the video again. Upon completion of the video, I wrote my rough answers, trying hard not to over complicate things.

On the second viewing of the video I picked up a few bits of information I was missing, and when it had finished I fleshed out a few of my answers and copied them all onto the sheet we were given at the start.

Overall I felt it went quite well. I was happy with the quality and quantity of the answers I wrote, and upon checking the answers with our tutor as a group afterwards; it transpires that I would have passed the assessment had it been the proper version.

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