It’s definitely useful to have this blog as a reminder, and in an effort to keep me honest and accountable for my forward momentum, I’m updating this blog on a semi-regular basis. A little renovation here and there is in order, and a recalibration of older posts is ongoing, as I filter out a lot of the irrelevant stuff like posts dedicated to each individual YouTube video I have ever made. I’m not going to go fully live with it yet, there is a fair bit of work to do before then.

I started my training to become a Counsellor in September, but it’s looking like I may have to take next year off due to financial pressure. If that is indeed the case, then I will focus on my side projects for the year. Hopefully they generate a bit of money, with which to make the next years studying a bit less strained financially. With Jake spending more time at school, that creates the opportunity for more hours at my shit job (which, if I’m being honest, I had always flat-out refused to do because I was lazy and did not appreciate money – I was always so content to float along on as few hours of minimum wage as possible, merely existing). More hours means more money, and that would allow me to afford the next item on the agenda, which is learning to drive, something that will open up a world of possibilities for me, and my wife and child, too.

Oh, and I’m going to be talking about videogames very little from now on, so if you ever came here for that, you’re shit outta luck.

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