I’ve almost sorted out my new hours at work – less days but roughly the same amount of hours. I know I won’t need to look after Flipper until Jane goes back to work but the opportunity to secure the perfect timetable arose, so I took it. Working three full days a week rather than working five short shifts will make it feel like I’m at home more, which is good. Our current manager has promised me the new hours, but our incoming manager has said he’d like to get someone else in to do them – this is confusing, but I’m sure it’ll be sorted in the end. After all, the hours suit me and my childcare needs perfectly, I’m sure my employers have to take this into consideration.

I got a new phone a couple of days ago – it’s still not my “main” phone, if you know what I mean, I reckon another evening of playing around with it and sorting out the apps and settings is all it needs. In a shocking twist, it’s the same model of phone my Mum’s been using for the past year or so. I’m behind the times, man. Who am I kidding, I’m always behind the times. It’s pretty good actually, still a Windows Phone, but a much better version. I went with the Nokia Lumia 625 – massive screen, lovely and clear – and the additions and improvements they’ve made to Windows Phone 7 is just incredible. It feels similar, yet much more interesting and relevant. I’ve got a new tablet to configure as well, one with a front-facing camera as well as a rear one, so I can do vlogs and stuff like that. Also, I’m getting quite into Twitter all of a sudden – not sure why. Again, behind the times. Twitter is so 2010.

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