We went and had another little listen to Flipper’s heartbeat this week – it’s so fast! And at one point there was a thud, which the midwife said was most probably a kick.

Tonight is my last night in the study before it becomes Flipper’s room – well, the last night that my PC is in here at least. The phone and internet socket is being moved out of here and down to the old garage, where I have a nice new desk and some cool new bookcases to fill. It’ll be good to finally be able to start moving things around, get a real idea of how the room will come together. Hopefully I can muster up some courage and let everyone know my feelings about the bedroom situation in general. It makes no sense that one person has the largest bedroom, especially considering that the room Jane and I are currently in has no room for a cot. The baby’s supposed to be in with us for 6-9 months – I cannot see how that will happen given the current setup.

Elsewhere on randomfury.co.uk, I take a look at a neat little flash game called Repeat. On YouTube, it’s the first of my “comedy” RFVT videos, this one featuring Peggle, and blujams and I play the damn Library in Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary. Next week is looking good, as we have another RFVT video, Two Betrayals in the Halo World Tour, and the final episode of the Minecraft n00b 2 pr0 series. I would be uploading one of those tonight ready for tomorrow morning, but as I said earlier, the man is coming to move the socket tomorrow, so I don’t want to potentially waste time part-uploading a video only to have to stop.

I keep meaning to do another Dark Souls video but never seem to get round to it – I have the footage, but it’s the editing and uploading that takes the real time. The last Dark Souls video I published was me in Anor Londo fighting Ornstein and Smough, but nowadays I’ve been through New Londo and the Duke’s Archives and am falling off all kinds of invisible ledges in the Crystal Caves.

Also: I really need to start drawing again. Maybe a little Dark Souls fan-art will light a (bon)fire under me.

Oh, and this is also day 366 of me not smoking. Doing well!

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