We went to see our Midwife in the week and we listened to Flipper’s heart-beat. It was so fast! An amazing experience, for sure. Jane is fine – she seems to be pretty much back to her normal self now, she’s over the morning sickness and the general aches and pains.

I wanna try and get the website moved over soon – I’ve decided not to put the forum inside a WordPress installation, but rather link them with unified log-ins. The plug-in I was going to use isn’t supported much nowadays, and it’d be too risky to use it what with both phpBB and WordPress being a year or two advanced in terms of updates. Anyway, what do I mean by move it over? Well, this blog doesn’t really need the “community” sub-domain anymore, seeing as it’s just going to be content on here rather than “everything”, so I need to think of a new sub-domain that encapsulates the general content-ness of the blog. I will be struck by inspiration sooner or later, I’m sure.

All is well in YouTube land – We’ve slowed down on the toxic and blujams Minecraft videos, mostly because of my working hours being incompatible with his leisure hours, but we’ve made up for it with a cunningly held back Halo series and some more Dark Souls gameplay. Over the next couple of days I’m going to be recording a very special series – if all goes well then it’s ten new videos that won’t require editing. Windows Movie Maker is a very versatile bit of programming, but it does have a habit of getting the audio and video out of sync. I’m slowly learning how to use Sony Vegas, but where it’s more complicated, it’ll take a bit longer for me to get comfortable with it. And that may have a knock on effect with the video quality and quantity, so be warned. Heh, who am I kidding, no-one even watches them. Or reads this. RGF this week features a game called A Ghostly Journey – it involves possessing people and a bit of platforming.

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