Hey hey hey, it’s Friday and that means it’s update day!

What’s been going on then? Well, I’ve had some of the week off from Asda, which has given me a chance to get some stuff done. Admittedly, it has just been little jobs that could’ve been completed if I were at Asda as normal of a week, but the sheer volume of ones that have been completed has been staggering. I had an A4 sheet of paper full of jobs, and I have completed over two thirds of them over the past two weeks. There are still a fair few to do, but I feel refreshed for getting so much done and off my plate, as well as because of the time off and the resting and chilling and stuff. To be honest, I was quite active, I went for an hour long walk every day that it was nice

Jane and Flipper are well – he/she is the size of a pear now? That’s awesome.

Now let’s talk about videogames. I finished X-Men (which I started with Lewis in this video) as much as I could, I polished off a few more ilomilo Achievements, and I put some more videos up on the YouTube channel. One for Minecraft, one for Dark Souls, and one very short one for Skyrim… RGF is yet another puzzle game this week. Here’s the link: Color Instinct

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