Days Of Future Past

Back on the forum a few years ago: KjGarly wrote: I think theres going to be another movie. Caprylate wrote: Yeah, I heard there would be a spin-off, one for Wolverine and the other for Magneto. Fallen Phoenix wrote: Yea I heard about them too, the Wolverine one is definitely …


Phantasy Star Universe. The Final Hurrah

Before you start reading, click play on this Youtube video – you don’t need to watch it, just have it playing in the background as you read. I know it’s not the Phantasy Star Universe ending, it’s actually from Phantasy Star Online, but I chose this one instead as the …

DAVEFEST ’08 gallery

The second time the clan went to Karl and Hannah’s house and ate more cake. The photographs were taken by myself or Jane if there is no other name in the title of the file. CAUTION! There are 45 thumbnails!