This is the latest entry in my themed series of blog posts in which (as part of my ongoing quest for greater self awareness and my continued personal and professional development), I pick a key word and write about it for a set amount of time. Leave a comment on here with a new word for me to write about, or you could suggest one on – my username on there is @Iain_D_Stewart.

This week the key word is SPACE, and I’ll be writing for twenty minutes.

Space, for me, conjures up images of star fields in my mind. The kind you see in those epic science fiction movies. Huge varieties of pulsating stars, and planets with countless moons all shifting and drifting in front of each other, causing eclipse after eclipse. Colourful nebulae and swirling wormholes, with extra-terrestrial energies intermingling and synergising in a cosmic dance of synaesthesia. The skyboxes in the Halo series have always been full of this kind of thing. Space opera.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Go to space, visit the moon, negotiate peace treaties with ancient alien civilisations, shoot evil automatons with my laser gun, you know. The over exaggerated, romanticised version of being an astronaut. I think that’s been a problem all of my life you know. If I had just actually opened my eyes and seen the world for what it was and see the actual beauty in front of me, rather than being annoyed that what I was seeing was not the exaggerated vistas of science fiction. My mind was always racing ahead, trying to be bigger and better, with more colours and more lights and more sirens, all the while missing out on the subtle beauty that was hiding in plain sight. And I’ve broken it now, taken Space and gone back to Mind. Well, to be fair, I did kind of veer off from Soul into Space the other week, didn’t I? Talking about Pantheism and Pandeism, and how the divine universe is just trying out the concept of consciousness to get a handle on itself.

It’s mad, really.

Another idea that comes to mind when trying to understand the space and the universe is that for all we know, we could be living in a simulation. One of my favourite theories explains why we cant really figure out gravity – the reason is because the hardware running our simulation isn’t great, and “real” gravity would take too much processing power, so they fudged it in our version, and simply included an approximation of it. Much like Grand Theft Auto doesn’t feature real-time damage on things like cars, but simply a counter of how many hits it takes for them to explode, or an actual, working respiratory system for the characters in the game that interacts with an accurate simulation of in-game air – our reality features a working example of gravity that looks and feels just like gravity, but is not actually gravity.

Anyway, a lot of people holding this theory are very romantic about it, and they seem to think that the “people” running the simulation will one day turn it off and we can go back to living in their (our “real”) world, but I’m sceptical of this view. I think, to be quite honest, that our instance was simply forgotten about, or the main characters have completed this bit of their adventure and are off somewhere else now. The origin of the pyramids, mythical places such as Atlantis, and the old stories of Gods and Demons could be the part of an ancient narrative that our ancestors witnessed. We’ll never know for sure, let’s be honest.

Sometimes I think we are just a bunch of NPCs that have gained semi-sentience and are trying our best to break our programming.

The thing is though, even if this is “just” a simulation, and none of this is really “real”, our reality is subjective, our perception is our reality, you know, and if something is real to us, then it may as well be real. We still have to live in this reality, this simulation, regardless of whether it is a simulation or not. Again, we’ll never know for sure, so let’s just get on and be the best damn simulacratic Non-Player-Character we can be.

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