This week has gone very fast. That Asda have decided to move around the Music and Video department didn’t help, as for the past three shifts I have felt that I have had too much to do and not enough time in which to do it in.

Little baby Flipper Stewart is doing well – getting big now, fast! Noticeably bigger than last Thursday. Poor Jane is suffering in the heat – only just now she was trying to get comfortable but failing because it was either too hot or Flipper was poking an arm or leg out making her super uncomfortable!

I’ve recently got in touch with my Dad. It turns out he joined Facebook not long before I did (in 2008), but we’ve only just found each other now. Weird how that happens, eh? I’m not sure what I want from our contact, as it’s far too late for me to have a father figure, and any answers to the questions I have are now meaningless thanks to the sands of time – but I dunno. It’s kinda nice I guess, but his sentences are sometimes hard to follow, he does tend to go off on tangents a little too often.

On the YouTubes we have the final part of the Sonic 1 series, a Dark Souls Jolly Co-Operation! video and a bonus Minecraft video in which I experiment how TNT interacts with water. A big thank you to the 1 new subscriber this week – it means a lot! On the community site I talk about a game called Droid Team 1 in the RGF, and the Remix of the Week is the music from the character selection screens in Phantasy Star Online, given an Outrun-style vibe. Check it out here.

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