I feel so good right now, I finally found an old music video that I was almost convinced didn’t actually exist. It was only that David remembered it as well that I knew it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. I remembered it was on MTV, or The Box, and it featured a bunch of soldiers in gas masks shooting things, and a couple of doofuses finding a girl with wings, and I thought it was called “Castles in the Sky”.

But the story doesn’t start here.

It starts here on my blog, about a month ago, when I posted this article, featuring the scans from that time we played XBM at Halo 2.

I posted on the forum that I had finally got around to publishing said article on the blog. mrzany posted about how he never played Halo 2, but did play Halo 3 – but the crucial part was the bit where he told us about the old video he saw of Halo before it was even a Microsoft game. I had never seen the video, so I went looking for it. I found it, and it made me reminisce about old videogame TV shows.

Which led to the creation of a topic about old videogame TV shows. In this topic, mrzany posted a video of something one of the old TV shows used to do: Play music over videogame footage.

Which led me to remember an old topic devoted to people playing music over videogame footage, whether it be appropriate or not. mrzany posted a few examples, and referred to them as “AMV”s. Now, I am a curious sort, and I didn’t know what AMV stood for, so I Bing’d it.

Which led me to this Wikipedia entry. I pottered about on some other tabs for a while, closing ones that I had finished with, until all I was left with was this one. So I read it. I saw the words “Chage and Aska” and I was immediately reminded of that song. Thrust back what felt like twenty years, it was almost there, I could feel it.

I clicked the link to take me to this article about “On Your Mark” rather than the Chage and Aska one, thinking that it would be another example of their work, but it talked of radiation suits and gas-masks and two men and an angel. Is this it? Is it finally here?

I visited YouTube immediately. YouTube has everything nowadays. It will be on there. It was on YouTube, but I was disappointed. This wasn’t how I remembered it, the audio, at least. I was so close. So I added “english” to the search terms.

And there it was on the screen in front of me. How I remembered it looking and sounding. Amazing. Have you ever heard or seen this music video?

There’s a moral here somewhere. Cause and effect? Other people will unwittingly help you find what you are looking for? The universe tells you what you need to know? I don’t know. It’s amazing though, I feel amazing. And it’s inspired the words for the tattoo I’m planning on getting to commemorate my first-born.

Amazing feels right now – I’ve been listening to it on repeat the whole time I’ve been writing this.

Please note, all the YouTube videos mentioned in this post have been removed from YouTube.


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