I can’t believe it’s almost April already. Where did March go? Shit, where did February go? It was over before it began! Time is marching on quickly nowadays.

I’ve finally fulfilled one of my life’s ambitions by getting myself on Google Maps. Here is the link, and for posterity, here’s a picture.

I sold my rowing machine this week in preparation for the little ones arrival in September – it’s usually in the study, but that’s being converted into Flipper’s bedroom, so it can’t stay in there and I don’t think there’s anywhere else for it to go really so I sold it on eBay.

It’s been reasonably quiet in internet land this week, with only one Minecraft video and one Dark Souls video being published. Oh, apart from the beginning of our Halo World Tour, which promises to be epic. I have been filming some really exciting things – some of my favourite games of all time are on my make-a-video-of-this list, and there are going to be some unexpected games in there too. Before I forget, the RGF this week is Ziva. Go read what I thought of it, then go play it for yourself. And prepare for some awesomeness on the YouTube channel.

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