SOMETHINGFEST ’11 gallery ~ melatonin version

That time we met up, this time from melatonin’s perspective. All photos taken by David Watson. Advertisements



That time we met up again and had a great time. All photographs were taken by myself or Jane.

Random Fury! vs The World – Competitive Game Results

Halo 2 results PLAYED – 41 WON – 32 DRAWN – 2 LOST – 7 Halo 3 results PLAYED – 48 WON – 40 DRAWN – 3 LOST – 5 All Games Total PLAYED – 89 WON – 72 DRAWN – 5 LOST – 12 We used to have the …

Goodbye Halo 2

Last night was the last time Halo 2 will ever be playable over Xbox Live. Personally, I didn’t attend (I got rid of Halo 2 ages ago – I never envisioned a time when we’d play it again), but I have spent the time being devoted to Halo 2 in …

Reading round-up for February

Or, “Stuff what I read last month”. Once a month is enough for this, I reckon. Writing up my thoughts on a scheduled day once a week would be too risky (I may not have finished a book that week!), and writing up my meagre thoughts as soon as I’ve …

Three-point-five-fest – Eurogamer Expo gallery

That time some of the guys went to the Eurogamer Expo. The photographs were taken mostly by Stu. CAUTION! There are 20 thumbnails!

RFSFIV2WKLY Tourney: Round 2

I think that’s a good way to say it. RFSFIV2WKLY Tourney Random Fury Street Fighter IV Fortnightly (every 2 weeks (weekly)) Tournament (Tourney). Although explaining it and spelling it out like that makes me look like I doubt your intelligence, dear readers. … Anyway, who won this time around? No-one! …


Last night we had our first Fortnightly Random Fury Street Fighter IV Tournament. It was great fun! Everyone being in the same party almost recreated the buzz of an arcade or someone’s front room, the only drawback being we couldn’t watch any of the matches other than our own. Here’s …