It reminds me of when I was unemployed, having all this free time. But it’s weird – instead of bumming around playing videogames all day and moderating meaningless internet forums, this time I am spending my time improving my situation. I asked Twitter when the lockdown first started if this crisis brought anyone’s mortality into sharp focus. It did mine. It’s made me realise that the road I was walking down was the right one. Any doubts have well and truly been quashed now, as I want to be a counsellor and help people more than ever. I do not want to be stuck in retail any longer. I’m making the most of this strange, strange situation.

Corona-quarantine has also boosted my productivity ten-fold. Even when I take having to entertain Jake into consideration, I’m getting shit done.

I’m smashing the coursework for my counselling course (I wrote 1,500 words in an hour and a half on research in counselling earlier, loved it).

I’ve sorted out my digital music collection, updated all the files, collated the fragmented albums back together, and done a fresh back up.

I’ve sorted through my bookmarks and reading list on the PC and on my phone – this was getting quite cumbersome as some of the bookmarks went back to the Internet Explorer days. All fresh and organised now.

I’ve sorted through my belongings (I love a good purge), put some stuff into charity bags, and put tonnes of stuff on eBay. My target is to generate £2,000 to use as a nice little deposit for a car after all this coronavirus shit is over with. I’ve got £700 already, I think £2,000 is obtainable.

Speaking of money, I’ve barely spent any for the last three weeks – I never really realised how much I spend on bus fare and lunch. Seeing as I’ve got some cash in the back pocket, I’ve ordered a rowing machine – same make and model I had before, funnily enough.

Sorry, what’s that? Why’d I sell my previous one?

Well, it used to live in the study upstairs, before it was Jake’s room. When we found out Jane was pregnant we didn’t have anywhere to store it, so I sold it. Then I got fat because I wasn’t rowing three times a week. Funny that, eh? Now that Claire and the boys have moved out, we’ve got her old room, and Jake has moved into our old room, and the old study is being used as a kind of storage area… So I bought a rowing machine that can live where my old one used to live. Because there’s a load of room in Jake’s room I can drag it in there when I want to use it now, rather than use it on the landing…

Sounds good. Looking forward to getting back into it.

So yeah, if I have any cash left over come payday at the end of the month then I’ll put that in the car kitty as well.

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