I had my first official driving lesson today, it went well. I was nervous as hell, and on the one hand I was not at all sure I could do it… But on the other hand, I drove a car. Just up and down a road, nothing major. But I drove it. And I’m proud of myself. I even reversed it a little bit as well. I’d like to get my own car sooner rather than later so I can practise in my own time as well as with the instructor. I have plenty of people that would sit in my car with me while I practised parking and roundabout and stuff! I’d even stop off in McDonalds and pay them in chicken nuggets.

It’s a definite step towards self-actualization and I’m investing in myself and my future. When I can drive I wont have to rely on public transport and my work options will open up immensely. For so long I needed to take personal responsibility of my own life. As I’ve said before: “No-one is coming to save you”. You have to save yourself. I have to save myself.

I can do this!

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