Wow, August already? Crazy times.

We went and saw our midwife this week – baby is doing fine, and has turned so the head is pointing downward! They are so very nearly ready to join us, it’s quite exciting. I took a photo of Jane earlier, and she didn’t quite realise how large the bump was! From her perspective it doesn’t look as large as it is.

My phone’s been playing up recently – I think I need to investigate an upgrade. I’m also thinking I really should take notes when things happen, because I feel like things that I could’ve mentioned on here are being forgotten. Erm, I played the Destiny Beta, listened to a lot of Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs, found a new skin for the forum for when it gets moved into the community site, and pre-published a ton of content on the YouTube and on I kinda feel like I’m cheating a little bit (I mean, there are enough Sonic 2 videos on there to take me through to September…), but it frees me up to do one-off videos, take some time to do some drawing, or just catch up with a film or two.

This week on the community site, we have an RGF in the form of Mushbits, and a VGMRotW that goes by the name of Circus Cave. On the YouTubes we are really spoiling you this week with three videos – one is a look at the Cartoon Texture Pack in Minecraft, two is part 1 of my Sonic 2 play-through, three is part 4 of the Dark Souls: Jolly Co-Operation! series.

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