Fever dreams are intense, to say the least.

Here’s one I had recently while I was poorly.

I had to put some 100×100 green Lego bricks together in a perfect square, which was difficult because some of them were larger than others, some were different shapes – despite them all being 100×100. Gotta love that dreamy inconsistent reality.

It was important for me to do this because of the Infinity Stones. How the Stones related to the importance of the task, I do not know. It was important though.

I feel like somehow the Lego also represented how warm I was, and I was running a high temperature all night. The hotter I got, the harder it was to make the square. Bricks kept falling off and I was sweating through into my dream. I was dizzy, even though I was laying still.

When I finally made the square, I could sleep properly. Even though I was already asleep and I was already dreaming.

I then got to experience the process my body uses to go to sleep.

After waking up at one point, I was able to feel my heavy eyes eclipse into darkness. The dot of my consciousness got smaller and smaller in my head as I drifted off, but I was also standing to one side, watching it.

I watched as my consciousness got smaller and smaller as it rose into the beautiful sky, like a star visible at dusk.

A dark sun crept above the horizon, emitting darkness rather than light. As the black sun rose, the darkness spread, until it was night in my dream.

My star was eventually enveloped by darkness.

And then I slept.


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