Now, how could I resist such a deep question? Of course I’m going to answer it!

In no particular order, the five characters that shaped me are:


He taught me that sometimes force is necessary. Being passionate about your cause and staying true to yourself means that sometimes the people that opposed you will end up following you.


Yes, the one from Thundercats. I didn’t have a lot of strong male role-models when I was young, but this guy ticked all the boxes of what I aspired to be. Strong, fierce, and a born leader, that he was a child in an adult’s body only made him more relatable to me at the time. I learnt a lot from his hero’s journey. And his sword was cool as fuck.


I’m a pretty emotional guy and as such I became envious of Dexter’s lack of emotions because I always felt that mine betrayed me. I have since started practising meditation and stoicism, and I feel I have better control now. I’ve also undertaken intensive shadow-work, which allows me to harness my empathetic side in my role as counsellor, rather than deny it outright.

Peter Venkman

I found it hard to pick just one Ghostbuster, as elements of all their personalities is what I think piqued my interest in things like psychology, philosophy, parapsychology, esoterica and the occult. I went with Venkman in the end because he likes to pretend he knows less than he really does and he’s a womaniser. I don’t think I need to say any more.

The narrator

I re-watch Fight Club every couple of years. Edward Norton’s character reminds me to pay attention, don’t get complacent, focus on my mission, and be present in the moment. Because if I go on autopilot, my own personal version of Tyler Durden might take over and fuck my life up.


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