I’ve decided to take a new approach to these weekly updates. I like the idea of doing an update once a week on a set day, so that aspect is staying. The whole “Friday update” thing is getting old – it’s quite boring to look down the recent posts and basically see the words “Friday” and “update” repeated twenty times. Less of a checklist, and a more realistic and personable look at the weeks events.

I was really expecting Flipper to arrive last week you know. It would’ve been perfect, dove-tailing the two weeks paternity into the two weeks holiday I have booked at the end of September, but if it wasn’t meant to be then it wasn’t meant to be.

I’ve been thinking about Gizmo a lot. I’m still very sad he’s gone, but I’m not breaking down into tears anymore. Those first two days were the worst, it really is a good job I wasn’t working them, or I could easily have broken down at work. Speaking of work, it has been crazy – so many people have left or are leaving or are off ill or are on holiday – little old me has had too much to do. Many, many hours, often coming far too close together and ruining any illusion of sleep I may have had. It’s been fun though, right enough. Training a new guy on Thursday was a highlight, he seems very competent. He should be a good addition to the team. Anyway, Gizmo. I wrote a thing about how I felt we may have failed him, but I’m unsure whether to publish it or not.

I’m listening to the Fez OST right now. It is “So good™”.

Destiny dominated the latter half of the week. Sure, it may be getting a little repetitive already, but I beat a Devil Walker all by myself… Those that know, eh? I’m looking to get into some livestreaming, maybe play a character exclusively “live”, that would be interesting. I’m probably going to go with YouTube for the streaming to be honest – Twitch comes across to me as very insular and full of cliquey traditions and sayings, whereas YouTube is probably too big to be one big circle-jerk. Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll start it, but I’ll tweet it out and it’ll be front and centre on the community site when I’m live anyway. Oh yeah, that’ll be undergoing a bit of a redesign in the near future – I’ve decided to remove several layers of clicks from the content, just get it front and centre so if people want to watch the YouTube videos, they don’t have to click into the post, they can just watch it on a 900 pixel across viewer which is embedded in the site. There is no definite timetable for this – as you may well know, the original plan to revamp randomfury.co.uk as a whole started almost a year ago. While I have come so far already (the sheer amount of content on the community site already is testament to that), there is still a long way to go to get it to where I want it.

New on YouTube this week are Jolly Co-Operation #10 – my weekly dose of Dark Souls “co-operative” gameplay – this week, I tackle the Painted World of Ariamis. Also this week is the first part of my Sonic CD playthrough – it’s my first ever play-through of the game and we don’t exactly get on. On the community site I feature a remix from Final Fantasy called “Mount Gagazet” (it’s quite good), and the RGF this week is a pretentious little game called Pretentious Game.


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