Ten days into 2014 and I feel like I’m back at the beginning already. I’m back to 100% well, so I’m back at work, and the usual routine has slipped back into place. I know I don’t work the longest hours at Asda, but when I get home I just can’t get creative. I want to kick back, relax, unwind.

We’ve got an engineer from AOL coming round later today (writing this very early Friday morning), apparently to upgrade our modem or something. Why they couldn’t have just sent it to us and I could’ve set it up I don’t know. Anyway, I probably won’t be in – I have the day off, and it’s payday, and I feel like treating myself to something wicked cool. No idea what, but I’ll go down town and have a look. The image you see here is our current speed at 00:15 – I’ll get another speedometer test done at a similar time when the new modem is up and running. 3 Mb/s download – fucking awesome. Yes, that’s sarcasm. We really need faster internet – there are so many gadgets and laptops and computers on this connection now, it’s ridiculous. And I can’t stream shit to Twitch.tv on a 3Mb line.

On randomfury.co.uk’s RGF today, I played an interesting little game called L.I.F.E. – you play as a black pixelated man and you have to navigate life. It’s pretty cool, well worth a look. Also on there is a confused musing about the numbering of the Xbox consoles. Is the Xbox one the same thing as the Xbox One? And what exactly is an “Xbox”?


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