When people ask if we have any Grand Theft Auto V in stock I ask which format they would like it on. If they want the Xbox 360 version and we happen to not have any in stock, I let them down gently. Before taking great delight in mentioning we’ve got loads for PS3.

This guy and his wife came in, she had ordered some stuff online and they wanted to pick it up. I took the ladies’ surname, then went off to the stockroom to find her parcel. I couldn’t find it under the name she gave, so I came out and told them I couldn’t see it out there, to which the guy replied “Maybe you need glasses then”. I gave him a quizzical look, as if to say “really, glasses would not help as my vision is not the problem”. I asked the lady if it would be under any other name, and she said it might be under this other name, and the guy flipped his lid – that was the name of her ex-husband, and she had assured her new husband that she’d changed her name on all her accounts! So, I went out again, and, get this, I found her parcel under her ex-husbands name. Boy did I feel smug when I brought it out and showed them the name on the parcel.


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