Just some stuff that I need to get out of my head:

I feel like the Youtube/Twitch stuff has lost momentum. It’s mainly because the shitty laptop I bought off eBay was too shit to process videos at a high resolution, and our broadband is too slow to stream it. I’m saving up for a more powerful new laptop, but getting broadband may be problematic. I’m more than willing to pay for it, but it’s getting people on board that may be an issue. Virgin do 30mb broadband, which is fucking plenty, but when we get promo material for Virgin through the post everyone just sits around taking the piss out of it. Hey, it’s miles better than our shitty 2mb AOL broadband! I wouldn’t mind a V+box as well to be honest, it’d be nice to have a living room of our own somehow. Also, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough time to record videos or tinker with overlays or anything because I seem to have been working a bit too much lately.

It may well be a bumper pay-day tomorrow, but I would much rather have launched the new RF by now. The site is in place, I just have to transfer the forum across – something I want to spend a whole day on, just to make sure it all works. I don’t want to rush it, and launch it to a poor standard then go off to work or bed and come back in eight hours to a complete disaster. Some usernames need to be changed, so people will need to be emailed.

I’ve been meaning to update my mp3 player for ages – I honestly think it’s been about a year since I put any new music on there. Been loving some great albums recently. Naughty Boy’s album, Hotel Cabana, is quite good. Random Access Memories by Daft Punk was a good listen, as was Bad Blood by Bastille. I’m loving The xx, Disclosure, Rudimental and… well… Paramore, randomly. Also must mention Disasterpeace, Diplo, London Grammar and Hadouken. So much good music out there right now.

I also need to write about some games I’ve played, some books I’ve read, some food I’ve binged on and a bunch of other shitty things no-one really cares about. Oh, and I need to draw more pictures too.


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