Usually I’ve written my Sunday entry by now – I like to make notes of any ideas I have, or any exciting events there may have been during the week, and most times I actually write it ahead of time when the inspiration strikes. This week however, the only thing of note that has happened is that interview I had, but I’ve already covered that in a post of it’s own… So… I’m struggling to think of things to write about.

Oh, I remember something now, the Live Arcade game this week was Game Room (essentially a collection of demos for rubbish old games), and it was free. That sounds good, right? Free game – free Achievements. Not really very many achievements, but some, 80 G’s added to your Gamerscore for free, nonetheless. To get anywhere near the full 1000 you need to pay for the individual games, and considering they are mostly priced the same as proper Live Arcade titles, it’s a bit of a money-spinning exercise by Microsoft there. Did I mention the games are all awful? Well, one or two could be construed as “classic”, but they’re mostly dog-shit.

Something else I could mention is that I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books this month, I finished Deathly Hallows the other night and I’m slowly writing up my thoughts on them. Expect those posts early April.

I could just recount what’s happening right now, give this post a kind of “live” feel. Well, I’m on the PC, obviously, Ethan’s not well, Tonsillitis, so Jane’s looking after him (bless him, when he’s ill all he wants is his Auntie Jay-Jay… hold on… all he ever wants is his Auntie Jay-Jay…), Lewis is in his room (I’ve just had him in here with me actually, we were looking at shark websites, he loves sharks – I was starting to feel sorry for him – even though his Dad is off work today he will always find a reason not to spend time with him), Jane’s Dad is out washing the cars and Jane’s Mum is making Sunday lunch. Claire and Matt are just kinda around, ignoring Lewis. Matt even done a load of ironing earlier rather than spend any time with his eldest. It’s amazing how little they seem to care about him, it really is. They’ve got this behavioural expert on his case at the moment because he can, admittedly, misbehave at times, and he’s insanely jealous of Ethan, who gets loads of attention, but this last visit ended up with all of the blame on Matt’s doorstep, I think mainly because Matt wasn’t present, which wasn’t entirely fair – it’s both his Mother and his Father’s fault.

I’ve probably said too much, I went off on one a bit there. But what do I know, anyway? I’ve got no kids of my own and I’ve never studied child psychology – what the fuck do I know, right? Still, I like writing it down, means I don’t have to continue thinking about it, so it’s less stuff cluttering up my head.

Ah, it wasn’t so hard, doing this almost “live”, was it? Next time I’ll do it in a massive orange emboldened font.


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